TARKAN Pouch Case for All 6.99 Smartphones (Leather|Grey)

Price: ₹1,499.00 - ₹599.00
(as of Sep 27,2021 06:21:26 UTC – Details)

SAFETY TIPS: 1. For touch screen to work flawless in this case, squeeze out most air before sealing. Leaving air in can cause air bubbles which makes it difficult to use the touch. 2. If you will not be using your phone’s touchscreen, then leave some air in the case before sealing so that the case will float even if it slips away.3. Mobile may suffer hydraulic pressure under certain water depth, and this will impact the performance of the touchscreen. Please photograph by volume buttons in this case.4. For risk and hassle free usage, it is always recommended that you test the product by inserting a dry paper or tissue before using it under water.5. The formation of fog inside the pouch is a natural phenomenon that occurs when there is a temperature difference in inside and outside of the pouch.6. DOT NOT use this in water with temperature of 35 degree Celsius or above.7. Mobiles with big cases like Otterbox are not recommended to use.

Naked-Touch Experience: The transparent portion is made of TPU which drastically improves the touch experience and visibility compared to other PVC based pouches
IPX8 Certified: 100% Waterproof Pouch, protects your device from Water, Sand, Dust and Dirt. The larger space also keeps your credit card, ID card, ring, keys, passport safe
TESTED TRIPLE SEAL PROTECTION: Triple Seal Lock is accompanied by Nylon Velcro which is virtually unaffected by the effect of water, unlike other hard plastic seal which might let water peep inside in case of prolonged usage. Please follow the usage and lock instructions printed on the packaging
Warranty: 12 months Warranty

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