Odonil Bathroom Air Freshener Zipper Mix -50gm (10gm*5)


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Price: ₹ 235.00 - ₹ 188.00
(as of May 15,2021 12:01:58 UTC – Details)

Over the course of time the way of using bathroom has changed. Along with regular usage, bathroom now acts as a me-time room. Be it on-the-pot browsing, secret chats, binge watching, magazine/newspaper reading, gaming, tinder swiping & even online shopping, bathrooms have now become a man cave or a she-shack. With its powerful and instant fragrance blast, Odonil Zipper enhances this personal time by converting your bathroom into fantasy room.Odonil Zipper makes your bathroom smell wonderful for 30 days. Available in various fragrances like Jasmine, Lavender, Citrus, Rose & Daffodil.
It’s easy and convenient to use
Its instant fragrance blast keeps our bathroom fresh and Fragrant
It Keeps our bathroom fragrant for 30 days
Now Available in 6 different fragrances – Jasmine, Lavender, Citrus,Daffodil& Rose


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