Genteel Liquid Detergent – Pack of 2 (1kg+1kg)


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Genteel Liquid Detergent

Genteel Liquid Detergent is an all-purpose liquid detergent from the house of Godrej. It is one of the best solution for your everyday clothes. Its special formula ensures that the clothes are clean and fragrant keeping you fresh all day, every day.

No Soda

Genteel Liquid Detergent has a no soda formula that gently cleanses from within, while preventing loss of natural protein in the fabric, thus preventing damage of fabric as well as colour loss.

Special fragrance

At Genteel, we understand that good fragrance is an integral part of washing clothes. Clothes that smell fresh every morning set the perfect tone for the day. Genteel Liquid Detergent’s lingering fresh fragrance will keep you fresh all through the day.

Easy To Handle

We know that your hands get soapy while washing and bottles easily slip, therefore we have ergonomically designed this attractive pack and made it easier to grip & handle to prevent the bottle from slipping through your hands.

Easy To Pour

Godrej Genteel comes with a spill-proof nozzle. The design ensures that you pour the liquid uniformly in the measuring cap and after pouring, the liquid does not drip around the bottle and make it messy-instead it goes back, right into the bottle.

Easy To Measure

Wondering how much Genteel Liquid Detergent you would need to wash your clothes? Measurement is now easy with the new Genteel measurement cap. Two cap full of Genteel Liquid Detergent = 1 bucket full of Clothes.

Formulated For Washing Maching Environment

The washomatic version has been specially formulated to operate and deliver the best performance in washing machine environment. It’s Inbuilt FabriClean technology ensures that it delivers a perfect wash in both Top Load and Front Load environment.

Superior liquid formula – actively softens and removes stains
Inbuilt fabric conditioner – keeps clothes soft and fragrant
Special ‘No Soda’ formula – helps you maintain your clothes
Ideal for washing cotton, linen, silk, denim and other everyday clothes
Usage: Pour only 2 capful (20ml each) of Genteel for a regular load


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